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Need advice please. Taking my NCLEX 4th time in CA in beginning of May

Hi everyone. I'm finally back to studying after taking a break from my last test in November of last year (2014). Unfortunately, I found out that I didn't pass the NCLEX after I ran out of time and after my 3rd attempt. However, I'm not losing any hope and wil still keep pushing until I achieve and get that RN initials after my name. im really praying that this 4th time will be my time.

I was wondering if any could me an advice this time. I've used several books like Saunders, ATI, Exam Cram, Lippincot. I don't know what else to use. I also used those 30+ pages of notes that's been going around. I was wondering if I should buy that LeCharity (?) book because I heard its a good delegation book to practice as well.

Other than books, what advice and tips would you give me? I'm in need of enlightenment after those 3 attempts. Idk how this 4th attempt will be but I'm sure it will be very different and maybe harder than the last 3 times. Any advice, tips, and help would be really really appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!


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Have you tried the Kaplan review? That's what I did back in the day when I took the NCLEX. I did the online class and they have a money back guarantee if you don't pass. I found it helpful for me because they go through the reasoning of why some answers were "more correct" compared to others. You have the knowledge to pass, but maybe you need help with the reasoning behind the questions.


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