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im having an issue with my school. they are not sending my paper work to the board b/c i didnt score 90%(chance to pass nclex at the first time) on PN comprehensive ATI pedictor. i got 88%. I passed all other 8 predictor exams. The school never told us about ATI when we joined the school or about scoring 90% on PN comprehensive ATI predictor. After i took the final, they said they will send the paper the next day. After 3 weeks i called the board of nursing to see if they got my paper work from the school. but the board said that they havent got any papaer from the school. after that i called the school and they told me that i have to score 90%(chance to pass nlex at the first time). they never told us about scoring 90 % on PN comprehensive ATI predictor.i dont know what to do next. need some advice please. should i call the board?


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Humpf! Is this just your school's own policy? My school did the ATI tests as well--never told us they wouldn't release info to boards if score on predictor wasn't high enough. I know there were people in my class that had to retake the ATI predictor because they didn't make the cutoff but they are happily licensed and working at this moment. I'd call the board. Let me know--I'm curious to know more about this. Good luck.