Need Advice, new to HH


Hello all,

Newbie here, enjoying reading all your posts and great info. I am an RN, have been for 5 years, and I have a little predicament. I was on the weekend program at my city's hospital, working Mother/Baby care. Also, I was on with the hospital for 2 years prior when I was in school, doing student nurse work all over the hospital. So, I have been with the hospital for a total of 7 years. My son is starting kindergarten and have longed for getting off of nights, having a "normal" schedule, and trying something new for quite some time now. I applied with a HH agency about a week ago and got the job on the spot. It is a pay-per-visit position, full time (30 visits/wk) and has full paid health insurance, a decent car allowance, mileage, and cell phone provided. The visit rates are good, about average as far as what I have read on here, plus incentive pay for paperwork timliness. No weekends at all, she has regular weekend staff; rotating call on weekdays. The director is a doll and she seems so very excited to have me. GREAT BENEFITS HERE.

NOW enter my predicament!! My boss was so sad to see me, keep in mind I am staying on PRN at the hospital on the mother baby unit..(24hrs a month)....but, she said, they would miss me terribly and she would love for me to talk to the hospital's home health department, to stay on as a full time hospital employee. She made a call to HH, then the director of the HH dept called me, and I had an interview yesterday with her. She seems great, very informative, and they are computerized. The pay at the hospital's agency is per hour, 26.16...mileage is at a higher rate but no car allowance, lengthy process for cell phone reimbursement, but I would be able to keep my years of full time service with the organization. One weekned a month of call, one night a week of call. Health insurance not 100% paid. I am shadowing a nurse with the hospital's agency monday, and start date for the other agency is wednesday. But I want to be able to notify the other agency asap if I decide to stay on with the hospital.

I don't know what to do!!!! I keep going back and forth!! AHH!!

My main question is:

Is per-visit or hourly rate better when it comes to pay in home health??

I am a single mom and need a steady income :)

I am concerned about not having enough visits, but as a FT RN according to the 1st company's policy, FT is 30 visits a week.

Both positions have great benefits. I am just at a crossroads and need a little advice to help me decide which way to go!!

Thank you so much for your time reading this....I appreciate any responses!!!



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