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Need Advice - New Grad Wanting to Switch Job

by qtipcorn qtipcorn (New) New

I graduated nursing school in May 2010 with a BSN degree. Got a job at a large, level 3 trauma hospital and started in July 2010. I have been working there for over 4 months now on a surgical floor. My co-workers are all very nice and supportive, but we are always short staffed and management doesn't seem to make any effort to solve the problem. Recently, I started to notice that I feel less and less motivated to go to work. I'm not very happy working there even though I can't pin-point exactly what makes me feel this way. I think I did not get the amount of support I wanted to as a new grad from the hospital. My orientation was 9 weeks including 2 weeks of classes. It gets very stressful being new and working on the floor when we're always short staffed. I started to wonder if a big hospital like where I am now is really for me. I also want to go back to school for APRN/DNP and I was wondering if being in a primary care setting instead of an acute care setting would allow me to see a more diversed patient population and conditions.

So last week, I started looking for jobs at my local community health centers. I actually got an interview for Dec. 1st. But I'm just concerned that if it looks bad to my potential new employer that I only started working for 4 months and I already want to switch jobs and what should I say if asked why I want to leave my current job. I'm also confused on when to tell my manager, especially if my new job wants references from her.

I'm seeking for advice on if I should stay for at least 6 months on my current job or is it understandable that as a new grad I took my first job offer and realizing it might not be the best for me. I also wanted to know what the steps are on leaving a job in terms of giving the notice, etc.

I appreciate any help and advice!