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Hi everyone. First I would like to that you for taking time in reading this post and helping me out because im 100% lost!

I currently am in an accelerated rn program in michigan. I graduate in late April of 2011 and am looking to move out to nyc as soon as possible. My question is about the nclex exam...

do I take it in michigan and have it transferred ? how long will that take?


do i take it in nyc?

really can use some advice on how the fastest way to go about this!

thanks again!:)

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If you are sure you are going to be living and working in NY, it may be best to apply to sit for the NCLEX in NY, as long as your Michigan program has met all the NY state requirements. The test/licensure fees are expensive, and that way you'll only have to pay one state! Hope this helps you...

I would contact the NY BON and find out if the Michigan program will qualify you to sit for their boards and if you can transfer your license into NY if you pass the MI boards.

Another thing to consider would be how you are going to be supporting yourself after your move. If your support is going to depend on you working as a nurse in NYC, I would suggest you take the boards in MI first. There is always the possibility that you will not pass on the first try, and if you do not have your license it will be difficult to find a job as a nurse.

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