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Ok here is my delima... im a single parent with little to no help on the days i have my kids (split visitation) wed at 7 through saturday at 7... i went straight from school into working SNF which isnt bad..high stress has its ups and downs but in wv ..its probably the highest paying field a new nurse can be in due to the even shorter shortage of rns in snf vs acute care... i took a job working perdiem i work sat , sun and mon 7p to 7a... as far as child care i have no concerns ..if i get mandated to stay over..o well doesnt affect me or kids i only work on days i dont have them....however after working every single weekend for the past year...i realized while the money is just kills any chance of having a life and now is becoming not worth it anymore... but it seems i dont have many choices as far as schedules......there are tons of day shift 12 hour jobs out there to be had...but usually they want every other weekend and also share the possibility of being mandated...and try explaining picking your kids up from daycare 4 hours late... it appears as though snf just isnt going to work out for me...or im stuck as a weekend warrior for life.... im needing advice on field that are mon-fri 8-5 thats just about all i can do other than weekends....HELP PLEASE

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I hate to be the one to tell you, but you are probably NOT going to find those hours in most hospitals--a lot of places like to do 12 hour shifts over 8s. Doing every other weekend is pretty much standard in any acute care/SNF/LTC facility. Also, there's often a waiting list for day shifts in many facilities, so even if you found a place with 8 hour shifts, you may have to wait a long time for a day spot.

Your best bet may be a RN job in a doctor's office, clinic, urgent care center or school. It won't pay as well as your current job, but the hours will probably be more in line with what you want--that's what you'll have to trade off on.

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