Need advice from experienced Hospice Nurses.


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I am going back into the clinical setting as a Hospice nurse after being a UM review nurse for 3 years. I was a PCICU nurse for a year before that. I have definitely been in some stressful situations, but, I am still basically a new nurse and I am afraid that I will have forgotten how to be a clinical nurse. Any thoughts from experienced hospice nurses, on what I should do to brush up. I will likely be doing mostly admissions. Thanks in advance!


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Hi Karen, I did something similar to what you want to do. I took refresher continuing Ed courses in Physical assessment, pharmacology and IV and venupincture certification. Depending on your agency, Hospice should do a good training for you and you learn so much on the job. It is wonderful work but talk to a Hospice nurse first. These are not 8 to 4 jobs even if advertised that way. Medicare charting requirements have just become insane and many times I spend more time documenting than seeing the patient. That is the way things are. So much more time focused on satisfying Medicare which takes time and focus off of clinical practice and the patient. I love Hospice work, the independence and challenge but ready to move on after 2 years due to the hours of work I have to put in after my 8 hour day.


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Specializes in Peds/Critical Care/UM. Has 4 years experience.

Thanks so much for your advise. I am excited to get back to patient care but, I do understand that the paperwork has gotten out of hand in all specialties. Errr... Thanks again and good luck with your new adventures!!