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Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me.

I am an adult MICU nurse so my problem is foreign to my knowledge base.

I need some pediatric neuro advice!

This weekend my healthy 9 year old was diagnosed with Generalized Epileptic Disorder. She had what I believed to be either a seizure or a vagal fainting episode at home. They did a CT and ECG in the ER, both negative. But an EEG showed spike/waves (2) during hyperventilation (AND, she was hyperventilating at home before the episode happened also). So the pedi neurologist wants to put her on Topomax! We are also having an MRI in 2 weeks.

I am feeling overwhelmed and wondering if it is the standard of care to put a child on meds with only one seizure. I am also wondering if she has been having absence seizures all along and we didn't notice (but being the astute control freak mom/nurse that I am cannot accept the fact that I wouldn't have noticed something)!

Could the EEG be wrong? IT was done in the ER and even though they shut the door, still not the ideal environment in my opinion. I know nothing about EEGs and what they mean. I would hope that an MD would make sure the EEG was of good quality before making a diagnosis, but you never know.

I have thought about asking for a repeat EEG, but what I am reading says that another one might be entirely negative, which would further complicate the situation.

UPDATE--just got off the phone with my pedi neuro and when I expressed my concerns, she offered a repeat EEG. Makes me feel better! BUT I STILL WANT YOUR OPINIONS! I hate the grey area of neurology!

Thanks a bunch


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