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need advice on Australia RN registration

tkhr tkhr (New) New

Hi friends. I am preparing for the registration in Australia. In general, how long does it usually take before you can get the eligibility letter from AHPRA and getting registered after finishing the bridging program successfully? And what visa should I apply for to attend the bridging program? An agency advised me to have the student visa subclass 575 for the bridging program. But as I searched online, there's a "no further stay" notice on this visa for courses shorter than 10 months. Which means I will have to come back after the course finishes with no chance to hunt job or change to another kind of visa onshore. I emailed the bridging program providing institute, but no reply from them yet. It's almost a week already. I am not sure which visa I should apply for to take the bridging program, and which during the time I will be hunting for a job. Please give me some advices. And I have no idea yet how and where to find a job in AU. Just searching the job ads and websites? Any experience to share?