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Hi all. Any RN’s currently working home health in Nebraska? I’m moving there within the next few months and trying to get an idea of what the wage difference would be between Texas and Nebraska. I know some agencies in TX pay by the hour, some per visit, and some salary. What’s the going rate up there?



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If you're interested in home health work you must think before working. You get pay for each visit and mileage and driving time reimbursement is a joke.  In Nevada and California Home health businesses charge patient's insurance around $435 per visit and pays LVN $35 -$40 and RN $50 -$55 per visit ( mileage imbursement included). No sick days, no vacation pay, health insurance are too costly or they don't offer, you use your own car ( including insurance and maintenance), you use your own cell phone, no annual raises. You spend  20 to 30 minutes  driving one way and another hour at patients home doing your assessment and ect. Now think about using Uber to take you somewhere that takes 20 to 30 minutes one way would cost let alone round trip, LOL. Once visits are completed from the day then you have to chart by using your own computer/ laptop and electricity at home and more time it takes to chart. So what's the pros about working as a home health nurse? Well most patients you meet are nice people , you don't have to put up with toxic work environment at the hospital ( micromanaging turds) and lazy coworkers. So remember, Uber drivers charge average $11.00 for just little as 3 to 4 miles one way plus tips and nurse provide 15 to 20 miles round trip for free plus nurses have to assess and chart while uber drivers stop  and say good bye. So get ready to slave your arse in this field! Home health definitely need UNION representatives.





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How much did you get paid in Texas


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I just started working home health & get $45 per visit + mileage but mileage isn't paid on the 1st visit of every day and one of my patients is 45 miles out. No insurance, 401K, continuing ED reimbursement, phone, etc. I took this job just to make a little extra cash. I agreed to the low pay bc I had no experience in home health & I'm a new nurse with only 6 months of experience. Other companies will pay $50-55 + mileage. Uber would basically take your whole paycheck in Texas.