Starting work at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha

  1. Hi Well, the title says it all. I'm moving down from Canada in a week and provided my license is processed in time, I will be starting work June 28th at the Nebraska Medical Center. Just wondering if any nurses around here work there, and if so, what they have to say about the hospital. I'm going to be working on a med/surg unit, with kidney transplants, I believe they said it was 5 North. I'm a new grad so all of it will be new to me, especially Omaha. I have been TOLD that there is self-scheduling, as in you choose the days you want to work, to a point, and generally the patient/staff ratio is approximately 4/1. Can anyone verify the accuracy of that for me? And how are LPNs/LVNs/or whatever their title is down there used to help?
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  3. by   Christi321
    I am also moving to Omaha when I graduate in late april and hope to begin work in early June. I was wondering if you like the Nebraska Medical Center? I have been looking for hospitals online and that hospital appears to be the best. Also I was wondering who you contacted to get your job there before you moved. I have been trying to call the nurse recruiter for a month and she is never there so I was wondering if there is someone else I can talk to?

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions,