Nebraska Nurses working in LTC

  1. I was just wondering if there might be any other nurses here that work primarily in LTC that we might chat, exchange ideas, etc. Let me know.
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  3. by   amhall2
    I am not yet a nurse. I am going to school, but I do work as a CNA.CMA in an ICF/MRMI facility and the individuals I take care of are defintely long term. Tubes, trachs, and general declining health.
  4. by   tami21
    i work in nursing homes. I enjoy it, mostly the night shift.
  5. by   LovingLPN2007
    I have worked as a nurse for a just a few weeks.(OH my what a load But i have worked as a med aid/cna for a almost 2 years. i work mostly in long term with the residents in locked units with dementia. It is a challenge! but i do love it
  6. by   EmeraldMom76
    I am an RN in LTC. I work NOCs in Broken Bow. I just graduated and passed my NCLEX in May, but I have been at the facility since 2002 as a CNA & MA.
  7. by   lpnbecky123
    I've spent most of my Adult life working in LTC in Omaha. From CNA to ADON. Not too much I haven't seen, but these folks continue to surprize me daily.