Nebraska Methodist Accelerated BSN Program

  1. I have been accepted into NMC ACE program for Jan 2015 and was wondering if anyone could share some more recent experiences from the program. How long are the days? Class sizes? Clinical experiences? NCLEX Pass Rates? Ease of Employment? Any information is greatly apprecieated!!
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  3. by   rheath22
    Congrats! I start the trad program the 25th!! I have talked to some of the ace students who do clinical a where I work. They said it is hard but very worth it!!
  4. by   TMM1
    Congrats to you as well. Where do you work? Do the students get plenty of help from preceptors during clinical? How many days are they in clinical? I'm sure it will be challenging, which makes me even more nervous. Thanks for the reply!
  5. by   rheath22
    I work in a assisted living facility. I also work temp prn and I see a lot of students too. They said it is hard and they lost a few but it's worth it. One girl said that they have some people who are getting good grades that are working. She said if you can make it past the first few months you will. Be fine. Are you going to orientation? I am going the 22nd.
    I think you would do great!
  6. by   psychic_acid
    I'm currently in the 2014-15 ACE program. It's difficult but can be done. Your class size will start at about the mid 50's and with each class might dwindle down from there. It's about a 25% male, 75% female ratio. Generally classes will be 2-3 days a week of 8ish hours. Clinicals will be the other 3 or 2 days of 8-9 hours. You get to see a lot of different clinical sites and you should have a positive experience with them. My advice on working would be tell your place of employment to schedule you at the bare minimum (1day/week or /2weeks) for the first month or so and see if you can do more. Personally, I work 1-2 days a week on the weekends. You've gotten into a great program, you should really enjoy it! Just be ready to put a lot of time towards your studies.

    Feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have.
  7. by   TMM1
    Thanks for the info. Is there a lot of paper writing? I was also curious if most of the class forms study groups or work groups or is it competitive among classmates. How many students go to a clinical site? JumpStart is this month. Any advice on the placement tests that they have you do at JumpStart? Do you know what the NCLEX pass rate is? Sorry to ask so many questions, but thanks for the info again!
  8. by   koots19
    Hi! I was wondering if you could share how the program is going so far now that you are a couple months into it! I hope well! Do you know what most people in your class were accepted with in regards to GPA? I applied and will be finding out in the next month whether or not I have been accepted so I am very anxious and nervous!
  9. by   TMM1
    Hi Koots19,

    I hope you've heard back from the program by now and got in! I don't really know what the average GPA is, but in talking to people, my guess is 3.0 or higher. Let me know if you have any other questions.