Creighton Univ. ANC Aug. 2013

  1. I'm starting Creighton's accelerated program this fall, is there anyone else here who is too?
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  3. by   DMC911
    Just wondering if you started the program at Creighton? I just got accepted for Jan. 2014 start. Did you see the recent post of the person who graduated in 08/2013? It wasn't positive. Just looking for another opinion on the program. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. by   WAgal
    I am starting the program in jan 2014!
  5. by   ahaly
    me too and I am freaking out now because I know people who just started an accelerated program where less then 40 percent of the students graduate. Anyone find any good reviews!
  6. by   Jersiey
    I did start the program! So far I am really liking it. Yes, you're busy ALL the time and it's really fast paced, but the quality of teaching is high and I feel really supported by the faculty. So far we've only had 1 out of 57 drop out. If you guys have anymore questions, please let me know!
  7. by   ktpham
    Hi Jersiey!

    Im new to all of this, and this all nurses site.. anyways, I had a question about applying to the accelerated program at Creighton. I'm a senior at the University of Washington this year and Ill graduate with my BA June and I am almost done with my application for Creighton's program. I know this is a silly question to ask, but what is the acceptance rate for the program? (or how easy is it to get in?) Also, could you tell me how the program is going for you?
  8. by   Jersiey
    Hi ktpham!

    I actually just graduated last Friday! It's a crazy year but for the most part I had a positive experience and would recommend it. Creighton has a rolling admission so basically if you meet their requirements they will take you. The preceptorship at the end was my favorite part and I was able to line up a job in the department I was in half way through it. A handful of my classmates were able to do the same thing and others have already received job offers as well! The Creighton reputation does actually go a long way in Omaha. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  9. by   ktpham
    Thanks so much for the reply! I do have some other questions, but I don't know how to personal message you? Is there another way I could send you an email or anything? I promise they're not intense questions or anything, Im just really curious and its nice to hear someone else's perspective!
  10. by   antigone823
    Hi Jersiey,
    I'm starting Creighton's Accelerated nursing program in January and I had a few questions. I'm moving to Omaha from NYC and I would like to know what the job options were like upon graduation. How easy was it to gain employment in your desired unit? Also what unit were your hired into? Did you know of any of your classmates that were able to go back to their home states and find jobs there as well? Any information you have on the matter would be greatly appreciated.