College of Saint Mary vs. Metropolitan Community College for ADN?

  1. My family and I just recently moved to Omaha, NE. Just couple of weeks ago I got my acceptance letter from College of Saint Mary for their 2 year ADN program. Due to the high attendance cost, however, I decided to apply for the LPN program at Metropolitan Community College. (My plan is to do one year LPN and then second year ADN at Metro)
    I believe I have good chances to be accepted into the LPN program at Metro. I would like to start school this year and also, after graduating with ADN and hopefully passing my boards, I am hoping to proceed my education and apply for a BSN program.
    I am hoping to hear your experiences/ advice on ADN programs at CSM/ Metro. Since BSN is my goal, would it be better (definitely cheaper!) for me to go to Metro for ADN and then apply to another school for BSN program? If you attended one of the two above mentioned schools, do you feel like you were well prepared for your job? Would you recommend this school/ program to somebody else?
    I would truly appreciate any information.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   srhart1
    i work in the public affairs department at metropolitan community college. my name is susan hart, mcc's nursing program director provided me with the following answer to provide you.

    associate degree graduates take the same board exam as bsn graduates. mcc’s board pass rate for practical nursing was the second highest in the state in 2011, but had 50 more students graduate than the highest ranking pn program. the associate degree nclex pass rate in 2011 nationally was 86.9%..mcc’s was 87.1. our program is very competitive but objective in ranking. we have no wait list—each class is a separate application pool. typically, bsn programs do not have clinical application of knowledge until the sophomore year. mcc students are ‘applying hands on’ within 3 weeks of entrance. it is a fast paced program, but the students are well prepared to care for clients and have demonstrated success with nclex.
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    Thank you so much for your reply. The information you provided was very helpful.