Children's Omaha New grad residency

  1. Hi all! I have questions regarding the new grad residency program at Children's! Has anyone recently started the residency here? I have an interview coming up this week with managers of different hiring units, and I'm so nervous. Any interview questions they asked, things to specifically be prepared for/suggestions to make myself stand out would all be helpful.

    I also am curious how many new grads they take each cohort? I'm sure the program is very popular, but I just want to know my realistic chances.

    Any advice or comments would be helpful!! Thank you fellow nurses :-)
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  3. by   iowanursing04
    Hi! I hope your interview went well! I was also wondering about the interview process. I am interested in the Summer 2019 cohort. When you interviewed were you asked to give a 5 minute presentation on a recent school project? I was reading something about that on their website and was just curious what that entailed?
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    The interview went very well, I'll be starting in the OR this February! I did give a presentation in the interview, they asked me to give mine at the end, which made me more comfortable because I had gotten to talk to everyone a little before. They asked for a project that you already did in school, preferably a quality improvement or evidence based practice project. They want it to be an individual project, but I think they know that a lot, if not all projects in nursing school are group projects, so they also allow you to present a group project but focus on your part that you did. The presentation overall was informal, I just brought my poster I had and went over it briefly, I think I actually did less than 5 minutes. You can also do a PowerPoint too.