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NE one in CSU EastBay's Rn-BSN prograM

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by gillijr1001 gillijr1001 (Member)

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I just want to see if it is possible to work full time and complete this program.

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Testa Rosa, RN has 6 years experience and specializes in Tele Step Down, Oncology, ICU, Med/Surg.

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Not there yet, but I have a young friend in the Hayward program who worked part-time thru Level I and said it was very doable. She still lives at home with her parents.

My study buddy and I will be entering the Concord program this Fall, and he intends to work as near to full time as he possibly can the first year. Looking at the Level I schedule, It looks doable if you have a job with flexible hours.

I've heard from everyone that once you hit Level II, it gets very intense time wise. I would suspect working full time may be very hard to pull off during your second year.

Which campus will you be attending?

Don't you hate this mandatory orientation....right in the middle of August...the only time my three kids have available for vacation with summer school and camps and before school starts. Hate the way CSU didn't tell us about this orientation until last week.

Top it off, I just went thru CPR certification--got my red cross cards in the mail today--and come to find out they are forcing me retake theirs at $90! Whatever.

Am excited to be going to nursing school...but sheesh!

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