2nd year RN bullied, burnt out

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I really do need some help..or maybe somewhere to vent as my family and friends do not understand and are probably sick of hearing about it. I graduated two years ago with the hope of helping people and excited about a new progressive career. I was unable to secure a graduate position in public hospitals in Australia and I have always completed my placements in the public system. Due to competition I accepted a place in a private hospital. It was hard to begin with but I found my feet and started to feel comfortable and like I had a good work life balance. Then I was told this private hospital does not keep graduates on after their grad years due to funding and trying to tighten the budget for next year. So I looked and looked and found a job in a large private hospital in oncology..I am finding it extremely hard to cope. I have 7 patients at one time all to myself who have blood transfusions IV antibiotics and palliative care. I run all shift don't sit down for more than ten minutes and shovel in food for fifteen minutes on my dinner break. I work in constant fear that I am going to make a big mistake due to the rushed environment and the lack of support from other nurses. I guess they too are far to busy to help me. I am hoping for some advice as to what to do. My health is suffering I have a constant tension headache and cry on the way home from my new job. I am a strong person but I feel the patient to nurse ratio is so off for oncology and way more staff are needed. I could never say this to management I would be fired. Is public any better in Australia? It seems private hospitals only care about money and working their staff to the bone. It's so sad that all I wanted to do was be there for people when they are unwell and now I feel immense guilt from not being able to be there for little lonely old people who need someone to hold their hand while they are dying. I'm just distraught

Having worked in public and private hospitals although never oncology, it really depends on the hospital. I did agency for awhile and there were both public and private hospitals that I loved and also ones I cancelled all future shifts at and told my agency I was never available to work at again. Have you considered using an agency to take a contact position in a rural hospital in a large country town? These hospitals are often desperate for staff and and are normally willing to train less experienced staff who show up with a positive I really want to be here attitude.

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