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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew how hard it is to get into a 2nd degree nursing program? I am currently a student at Rutgers in Camden. I am going to apply to their BSN Pre-licensure program for next Fall 2011. But it will be my last chance to get in since they are discontinuing the program. I am about two semesters short of having my Bachelor's in Psychology, so I figured if I don't get accepted into the pre-licensure program next Fall I can get my Psychology degree and then do the 2nd degree nursing program. I would apply to Rutgers, Thomas Jefferson, and UMDNJ's 2nd degree programs and I was wondering if anyone knew how hard the programs are to get into? Any help or advice is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

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Hi, I just got accepted to UMDNJ's Accelerated BSN program. As long as you meet the minimum 3.0 GPA, you should be fine. I beleive the only applicants that were rejected were those who did not have a 3.0 GPA, despite having a 4.0 prerequisite GPA.

Here is the link to the school's Nursing Program: http://sn.umdnj.edu/academics/accelbsn/index.htm

Advice is welcomed...please share : )

I have been looking into UMDNJ's Accelerated BSN program for a while now. I will graduate in May with a BSN but after graduation I am going to start my pre-reqs for the nursing program. I do not think that social work is for me. I have a GPA of 3.6 as of now. I took psychology my freshman year in college and received a "C" in the class. I know UMDNJ says that a grade of "C" or higher is necessary to have the credits transferred. Do you think I should take this course again at a community college? Also, what community college in NJ should I attend in order to complete my pre-reqs? I would hate to complete my pre-reqs and have UMDNJ not accept the credits because the school doesn't find that the course is equivalent (or for another reason). Another question that I had was do you think I will be able to work full time and earn my do my accelerated BSN program part-time?

These are UMDNJ's pre-req courses:

  • Anatomy & Physiology I and II (8 credits with lab)*
  • Microbiology (4 credits with lab)*
  • Chemistry (4 credits with lab)*
  • Statistics (3 credits)
  • Psychology (3 credits) ††
  • Humanities or Social Science (3 credits)

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