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Hello. Has anybody here took up BSN as their 2nd degree? I'm currently gathering more information as my 1st degree is aboslutely far from Nursing. I have a bachelor's in Tourism and have decided to become an RN recently. I'm gathering every information I can to prepare myself in taking up BSN come fall this year. I'm also checking to see if I can take it in CA, U.S. since my main goal is to eventually move there. 

Based on the initial posts I've read here regarding the universities and colleges, the Nursing program in the U.S. sounded really competitive. As I've had my degree in the Philippines, I needed to get certain pre-requisites in order to enter a school.

I'm eyeing CSUEB as the location is perfect for me. However, they say I could apply for Fall 2023 instead of this year since I still have to take my pre-reqs and do a lot of paperwork as a potential international student. Fall 2023 sounds a bit far away for me and I kind of want to start this Fall instead. So far, this website (https://www.nursingschoolsalmanac.com/articles/list-accredited-nursing-schools-san-francisco-bay-metro-area-california) is my only basis on which schools are great for Nursing in the Bay Area. I'm open to any suggestions though. If you could give any information like how competitive it is to get there, what's their selection process and their requirements (such as pre-req grades, exams, essays, volunteer work, language spoken, etc), tips on how to get in, how expensive it is, if their student support services are truly helpful, etc, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, any suggestion on which school would be great to take my pre-requisite subjects is welcome.



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You might want to look into Arellano University’s International Nursing Program. They accept degree holders. 

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