2nd career- looking at Wake Tech, Central Carolina, or UNC...advice?



I am 30 and looking to change careers completely (BS in Business Admin) to become a nurse. I am looking at Wake Tech mostly, but it definitely feels discouraging... I looked at the UNC 2nd degree option but that also seems hard to get into.

ANy advice on the Wake Tech or UNC programs? I am going to need to take all the pre-reqs slowly...so hoping if I can take them 1 or 2 at a time and get all As- that will help me get in?

As a backup- does anyone know anything about Central Carolina Community College in Sanford? That is also an easy drive for me from Apex. Is it super competitive and what is their degree's reputation?



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i currently go to wake tech it goes by a point system so the more pre reqs you have the better and also the better grade is better but pretty much if you already have a degree and you are going back to school for nursing would not be that difficult to accomplish

I am at central caolina now & I absolutely hate it. I wish I had gone to wake tech or unc like I had planned. However the easy drive appealed to me too. The program is extremely unorganized & the teachers are vindictive. Stay away!!!


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I went to CCCC. The program is in a bit of a transition period right now. When I went through the PN program I had great instructors. The contact I had with the ADN instructors has always been positive, but it has been a couple of years.

@Rachelizabeth64, sorry to hear your experiences have not been very positive. Just keep your goals in mind. The time will pass before you know it.


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tell me more about cccc im at wake tech now and want a back up plan.


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im currently at wake tech and looking for a back up plan in case i dont get into the program. can you tell me more about the cccc program? do they also require you to get your cna with clinical hours?