NCP requirements


I've been reading through these posts religiously the past week or so, as I have seriously been considering the Navy Nurse Corps. From the large amount of information I have researched, as well as the advice and suggestions from this forum, I feel like I am pretty close, but I am still a little ways away from signing up.

One question is regarding my eligibility for the NCP. I graduated from college about a year ago with a bachelors in an unrelated field (English). I regret graduating "early" just to get my degree, but have since realized that I really passionate about doing nursing and doing something in the medical field. Would the navy consider sending me to school before my commission even though I don't have any experience in nursing, or will they possibly redirect me into a field that is applicable to my degree? Would I be active duty while I am school?

The other question I have, seems to be one of those trivial points, but I have a dog that I care for myself. Does joining the Navy essentially require me to give her up, or can I bring her with me? I understand that I will need to find somewhere for here during ODS or if I were deployed overseas, but what about being stationed somewhere in the states? Anyone have experience with this?

Can people tell me honestly about the hangups of advancement if I were to chose to stay in the military as a career? How does promotion work in the Navy?

I grew up in a military family, my grandfather was a Master Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and my father was a Commander in the Navy. I feel pretty comfortable with the prospect of moving around a lot and the potential for living in a combat zone. I moved probably 6 times in the past 3 years across the country and abroad. My father has been an insurmountable resource for me, but he has since retired (1993) and has not been in touch with that for quite some while.

Please help. I appreciate all your help.


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