NCLEX-RN schedule-published somewhere or wait until you are ready to test to find out

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Is the NCLEX-RN schedule published somewhere? I was wondering if I could potentially find out when it is being offered(in the spring, i graduate in may). just curious to know how long after graduation i'd be waiting to take it. i think ahead, obviously.

Is there a website about this? or, is it a secret until you apply to take the boards and get your authorization to test?




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The schedules vary with testing centers. Once you get your authorization to test you can go to the Pearson Vue web site and find a date. The number of testing centers vary by state as well. You can go to the Pearson Vue site today and find a list of testing centers in your state. I graduated last May and took the test the last week in May. This was is AZ.

In the meantime, you need to have your application complete with the state board, but you won't need to worry about that until March or April. However the process will be much quicker if you have all the applications complete as soon as possible.

This is AZ. I don't know how things work in other state. I'm sure the application process is different for each state. So, looking into it is also something to do now.

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