NCLEX Question-Name on I.D.


When you registered with Pearson VUE, it states that first and last name must match on approved id. My question is did anyone have any problems with taking their exam b/c their maiden name was listed on the i.d? I do not use my maiden name hyphened with my current last name but it has never been removed from my driver's license. :confused:

Thanks in advance!


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There was once a student at the NS I went to who had changed her name (I can't recall why, I think it was marriage). The name she registered with did not exactly match the name on her ID. She went to the take the test and was turned away, even though she explained the change. No match, no test, no argument. $200 wasted.

Are both your maiden and married names on the ID card? If it is, register as that (e.g., Charlquin Maiden Married) and say the maiden name is the middle name.

If it's just your maiden name on the card and you never use it, see if you can get a new ID ASAP--take your legal change-of-name document and get to your local DMV. Look at it this way: you'd have to do it eventually :)


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Thank you MeriWhen! That is what I was afraid of!

I called my DMV and I know what I need to do to take my maiden name off of my driver's license and that is what I will do. The funny thing is that I am divorced but I did not want to switch back to my maiden name.