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NCLEX priority help! Nclex next week. HELP!


Am taking nclex in 2 weeks. Finished the lacharity book and Saunders. BUT, does not have priority question when everyone is dying like almost all the priority Q's on the nclex. I know cause I have taken the nclex twice. Saunders does but only 75 of these questions on the CD. I need questions with Airway breathing circulation Neuro changes, VS changes, Electrolyte changes. I don't know which order to go with.


If I have a vomiting patient, would that take priority over a person with DKA or a patient with critically low BP.

If I have a change in LOC pt. and Pt. with tachycardia, would I see the tachycardia pt. since it is circulation.

If I have a extremely hyperkalemia pt. with arrythmias vs. someone with dig toxicity with nausea, who would take priority.

My question is is there a schematic with ABC's Neuro, VS changes, and Electrolytes. Which take priority, and most importatantly...how much of a priority is a sudden change in LOC. I know it is critical, but does it take priority over a vomiting patient or patients with critical circulation problems.

Any help appreciated. Cause in my experience, the questions are always...all the patients dying.

Sorry for being so meticulous. I have a job lined up for me. I have to pass. I have $200 in my bank account. I am desperate.

Bless your heart! Don't panic! I remember those days of NCLEX maina very well. I hate to give you advice because I have spent a year in the real world, and NCLEX may not agree with my prioritization. Vomiting isn't good, but I can't see it taking priority over DKA and especially not over low BP, especially "critically" low BP. The second question is trying to get you to rely too much on the "ABC"s. A change in level of consciousness is a priority. Remember, any sudden change isn't good. Tachycardia can be chronic. I think I would answer the third question with the arrythmias as the priority. The dig toxicity is bad, but nausea is easy to live with, arrhthmias . . . not so much. Best of luck. Anyone who cares as much as you do will pass and will be an excellent nurse!

Keri8680, BSN, RN

Specializes in Cardiology/Telemetry. Has 2 years experience.

i bought a book that helped me alotk, let me think of what it was called....

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Keri8680, BSN, RN

Specializes in Cardiology/Telemetry. Has 2 years experience.

buy the book prioritization, delegation and assignment by linda lacharity. it's all those sorts of questions and it's only 14 dollars. it helped me bunches!!!

good luck.