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Nclex PN Question


Hi I am a nursing Student in my 3rd semester of an RN program I was wondering if anyone has taken the Nclex PN to become an LPN and work while going through the last semester of nursing school as a LPN and to help get some experience with the Nclex exam. I was wondering how difficult it was and if you had a hard time passing the exam. If anyone has any info. It would be great to here form ya. Thank You :)

I took the NCLEX-PN after my third semester (in January) and passed with the minimum number of questions. I am a B+ student in my ADN program and did not study for the NCLEX--all I did was two comprehensive tests in the back of an NCLEX-PN review book. When I scored 80% on each of them, I just went and took it. I figured, if I pass, then great, I can work as an LPN. If I don't, then at least I have a better idea what to expect when I take RN boards after I graduate in May.

Now I'm working as an LPN part time in a LTC facility (two shifts a week). I figure this will be good experience for me before I transition to being an RN in an acute care setting. Any other questions, you can pm me as well.

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