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NCLEX and Job Timeline

canyon canyon (New) New

Hi all!

I have a question about applying to RN positions. I'll be finishing my degree the first week of August but I'm not 100% sure on when the school will have transcripts sent, etc. for me to take the NCLEX, and with COVID backing things up I'm not sure if any dates to take it will even be available once I'm cleared to test.

That being said, I really want to get started on applying for jobs- I feel like I've waited too long already. I had a few questions-

Is it OK to apply without having taken the NCLEX or set a date to take it yet?

Some postings I'm seeing have something like "1 year experience required, extraordinary new grads will be considered,". Not exactly sure what that means! I have tried to improve my application.

Nursing is my second the degree and while the first degree GPA isn't anything crazy, my nursing GPA is a 3.9. I do have 1.5 years experience as a CNA on a med/surg floor. I have my BLS and also went ahead and did ACLS too (though I figure it's still something I'll definitely to need to learn through experience and work).

I'd also love to work in an ICU or stepdown that'd take me, so if anyone has any advice related to that I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!