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A nursing assistant that I work with finished school this year and has taken NCLEX twice and failed both times. I am wondering what everyone considers to be good review programs for him and if there is anything else he can do. He studied ALL the time, had the cards with him at work every day. He is very discouraged and we are all just heartsick for him. Also, does anyone know if there is a limit on how many time you can take NCLEX?


I've heard that Kaplan is a good review course. Don't know the limit on taking the NCLEX. Sorry to hear about your friend. I know what it's like to want something so badly and be disappointed in return. I hope he keeps a positive attitude.

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I agree with Texaswag, Kaplan is the best. they have a book that is a guarantee. you buy the book and if you dont pass they buy the book back. Sorry to hear about your friend. It can be frustrating

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Kaplan has a course that is really good. Also, best if when he studies, he ONLY read the correct answers. (for example, don't read multi-choice questions.) Highlight all the CORRECT answers and read ONLY those. His brain will remember the right answer.

2nd: Tell him to answer as a nurse. (not over thinking the question.) None of the answers are: ask a doctor or refer to someone else. They are testing his nursing knowledge.

3rd: remember: answer the answer they are looking for, not what we do in real life, not what is done on his floor.

Seems simple and silly, but it will get you in trouble everytime.

Good luck

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