Problem with NCLEX CD-ROM....HELP! - page 2

I purchased Princeton Review NCLEX-RN and I can't get the CD to run. It ran on Windows ME, but now that I have XP, it doesn't. Has anyone had this problem? I emailed PR with no response as of yet.... Read More

  1. by   anba
    Have you tried running the compatibility wizard, or manually changing the compatibility settings? You can change the compatibility settings by right clicking the program icon on the desktop or in the start-up menu (must be installed first...i think), clicking on properties, and then clicking on the compatibility tab. Or if you do a compatibility search under help, you can get to the wizard and run it. From what I understand about XP is that it should be able to run most older programs by changing the compatibility of the which the program is really running under a virtual "older" version of windows.

    Hope this helps,
  2. by   emily_mom
    That is what Tammy suggested above. I tried changing the compatibility, but all those stupid errors kept showing up.

    I checked princeton review, and they have no updates.

    I will try microsoft....grrr.....