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I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend some good nclex studying books. I have looked and there are books from many different publishers and even computerized programs to help you study. ... Read More

  1. by   odman55
    Quote from Julie, RN
    I am just curious.....
    How long did other nurses study before taking the NCLEX?
    And did you feel your studying was beneficial?
    2 weeks of "real" studying for about 3 hours a day (just questions, never bothered to study content). Honestly, I feel like had I studied any more it wouldn't have mattered. I passed in 82 questions. My friend who studied for 2 months like a lunatic passed in 75 questions. In the end, we both were *positive* we failed (just like almost everyone else who posts). Then wah-la....we passed. Go figure.
  2. by   yoginurse2b
    I have a question: which book is more suitable for the first semester nursing students? I have problem with critical thinking, and would like to buy practice exam books that cover on those. Can anyone help me?
  3. by   pink angel
    Hi! I used NSNA, Saunders, Lipincott and other local reviewers. I was also preparing for CGFNS exam at the same time and it took me almost a year in my review center also attending live lectures and listening to some audios our review center has. After my CGFNS exam, I didn't really studied that hard already in preparation for my NCLEX which is like 2 months after. But I did, practice test taking of 265 questions.

    Just read and read and do practice tests. Always prioritize Safety, ABCs and Maslow's. Never delegate assessments, planning, and evaluation to an unlicensed nurse.