How to Study Pharmacology for NCLEX-RN from a Pharmacology Professor

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    Studying for the Pharmacology section of NCEX is challenging. Here are some helpful suggestions from a Pharmacology Professor.

    How to Study Pharmacology for NCLEX-RN from a Pharmacology Professor

    I've taught pharmacology for almost 10 years and recently revisited the NCLEX struggle that many students have and believe I have some helpful advice. While the pharmacology section looks like another section in the bestselling guides, it's really quite different especially to someone who did not have organic chemistry in their curriculum.

    In this 10 minute video, I answer

    1. What makes NCLEX pharmacology so hard to study for including the percentage mismatch from curriculum to NCLEX test map, the pharmacology study usually coming after a grueling first 500 pages of test-prep material, and how in many ways pharmacology is a different language.

    2. What a two-phase approach to NCLEX pharmacology looks like and how one might be able to study for pharm as they study more traditional nursing topics like professional standards, nursing sciences, fundamentals of care, growth, and development, maternity nursing, and pediatric nursing.

    3. How the two-phase technique works creating a much clearer memory path with like topics and drug names and classes near each other.

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