How long did it take to get your NCLEX results?

  1. I'm in TN and was wondering how long it takes to get the NCLEX results back and also is there anywhere to get them before they get to you in the US Mail?? thanks,J Glass
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  3. by   Angela Barnes
    Hi. I just took my NCLEX today as well, and there is a website that you can go to for TN licensure inquiries. The web site address is
    At this website there will be a list of all the states that have nursing board websites. TN is it, and once at that site, you will select "board of nursing". There will be a place on the left hand side of the screen where you will see a place for "Licensure Verification". You will click on that, enter the required info into the fields, and it should pull your name up. From what I"ve heard, it takes 3-4 days, even up to a week to get them this way, and until they are posted it will say "Verification in process" or something like that. I found my name tonight, but do not expect to find results for a few days. Still, it beats two weeks! I wish you the best of luck!!