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NCLEX Conquered!

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I took my NCLEX on Thursday and got the "good pop up" that evening. I paid for the quick results today and confirmed I passed! 75 questions!

I wanted to give some tips that I have heard and experienced. Someone told me just before I took my test that if you start to get a lot of SATA, that you are doing well. The computer is throwing some harder questions at you and let's face it...they tend to be the hardest. Well I did in fact get lots of them, 5 in a row at one point. I must have done decent at them.

Relax and have confidence in yourself. Doubt makes your nervous and you will not be able to rationalize as well. There were several questions on topics that we hadn't touched in nursing school. It is impossible to cover everything that may be on that test after all. But if you calm yourself and let what you learn in school work for you, then working out questions will be easier.

I am very excited to finally start my nursing career. I was offered a position at the local hospital just the day before my NCLEX. I am in central PA and almost all of our class has jobs already. I wish everyone else luck!

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Congrats! I tested yesterday and nearly half of the test was Sata. I wanted to scream at my computer.


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How did you guys prep. ? You guys used kaplan ? Btw congrats nurses

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Kaplan was included in my nursing school fees. I also had a lippincott book. To be honest, i just used Kaplan (completed about 70% of everything and ECCO).


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