Navy NURSES!!!!??!!???!!??

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I graduated with my BSN in Dec. 2009 and have been working since Feb. 2010 in a civilian hospital. I am seriously thinking about becomming a Navy Nurse Officer. It seems to be very exciting, and I need some excitement! I am very nervous because there is not a lot of information out there on what it is actually like to be a RN in the military. I have talked to my recruiter, but I feel as if they would not tell me the negative sides of the story. So, I know all of the benefits, but what are the negatives? (besides the obvious, like possibly going to war etc....) Will I be able to make my own schedule like I do at civilian hospital. Would I work 3 - 4 12 hours shifts a week? I know there are many posts on here that are similar to my concerns, but I still feel like there is more for military nurses to share.......please share!! :confused::nurse:

Oh ya, one more thing.....what are the nurse to patient ratios like????

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