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Navy Nurse Corps

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I want to join the Navy or Air force when I graduate Dec 2017. I am prior navy enlisted and I was told I am not eligible for the NCP. I is anyone else been in this situation? I will try and contact the office monday and try to get some understanding, but I do want advice from those who been in the same shoes. Thank you.

Your alrdy in your schools nursing program ? You usually have to apply for NCP earlier because it is very competitive and usually full. Youll have to join via direct ascesion (DA). Im also prior enlisted and graduate in May.

Yes , I am in the nursing program. I just finished my first semester. My expected graduating date is Dec 2017. I knew about the NCP program a couple months ago but I wasn't planning on joining the military again and I misser my window. I changed my mind and I decided I wanted to go back in. What are the requirements for DA? I heard some branches require you to have three years of experience before applying for military nurse. I have a year before graduating and I want to have a everything mapped out before then.

You need to contact an officer recruiter. There is a long process of submitting a package for DA which requires a big background check similar to what you completed prior to your first enlistment, a medical examination at MEPs, references, etc. You are able to apply to the Navy within the first 6 months of graduation and be thrown into their med surg pot, after that I believe they can count your experience with other specialties such as ICU, ER, psych, etc. This is as much as I know from speaking with my recruiter, but you really need to contact an officer recruiter to get the full scoop.

Does anyone know if you can apply for the NCP if you are enrolled in an entry level master's program? it's a pre-licensure program for non-RNs. Just curious if the NCP is only for undergraduate/bachelor's degree (even if the grad program is not for advanced practice RN). I applied to ABSN and entry level master's programs, so wondering what my options will be.

Nursing will be my second degree. Do they consider the GPA of your first degree at all? I'm hoping they don't because I was really unmotivated during undergrad (graduated with 3.1), but then turned around to get a 4.0 in all nursing prereqs.