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I guess my biggest question is what happens if you don't get accepted into the Candidate program? Can you reapply the next semester or the next year? Does it look negatively? If you can't get into NCP, can you still apply and get into the Navy Nurse Corp?

Does ADN civilian exp. matter at all to them? I have 7 years only in ICU, will that matter? I guess I ask because it happens if it is as elite as everyone says it is. I don't have a picture perfect GPA, but I finish what I start and I am an exeptional nurse who can run back to back codes and never loss a beat or break a sweat.

Have any of you gotten in with a slacking component and plenty of positives to compensate. And really I could apply next year and have a better GPA than this year. Or just wait it our and apply to the Navy out of school.

Just working on all possible paths. Putting lots of thought into it! Thanks for your input.



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Thank you for your interest in the Navy Nurse Corps. I would suggest talking this matter over with your recruiter. I have been a Navy Nurse for over 15 years. I finished my BSN under the NCP program back in the day and was reject on my first attempt. It was a small matter of not fully explaining a knee surgery and the rehabilitation. I went back to my surgeon and had him draft a letter stating I was 100% rehabilitated and suffered no long term debilitation from my knee. I reapplied the next year and was accepted. I still have my rejection letter and have it framed and in my office as a reminder that through perseverance you can succeed.


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I admire your perseverance. I was told today that my GPA is too low... I had already done the MEPS, and all the paperwork... what was left was my GPA calculation... Funny thing is that my GPA is a 3.1 (nursing)... but when you count previous transcripts it brings it down below the mark. I feel like joining the NAVY is harder then getting into an IV league. And I was trying out for the NAVY Nurse Corps, as well. I feel that it is not worth while battling it out... because they want me to go back and take more courses, when I have already earned a BSN (2012) and a BS (2005) in an other discipline... I am done taking courses to bring up my GPA... what I don't get is why, for some odd reason... they count all of the transcripts you have ever had even if it doesn't apply to your nursing degree???? I was disappointed to not get in... but at the same time, you are doing the country a service by joining... so there should be a level of fairness in the way they review your checklist... if its all based on grades... then many good nurses will fall through the cracks.


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I TOTALLY know what you mean. I had a BS in Business (2006) with a really poor GPA (2.56), but now I'm doing awesome in nursing school. I attempted to apply to the boards last fall, but they waited until everything was processed before telling me I came up short in the GPA. I submitted my transcripts from this last semester and I'm taking summer school to see if it will at least bump me up. I'm also applying to the Army. They didn't seem as worried as the Navy did. I feel that I truly earned my previous BS from a really great school. That should be enough. I've grown up a lot since I started college 10 years ago, and I think it shows with my grades now.

Good luck to you in whatever you do! Grades aren't everything, and I'm glad you know that they don't mean you'll be a good nurse.