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Navy/Air Force Nursing

Hello everyone I am new to this whole thread so bare with me, I am 18 my name is Lucas and I just graduated high school. I am attending Massachusetts college of pharmacy and health sciences for my BSN bachelors of science in nursing in a accelerated 3 year program. I expect to leave this school with at least 100k in debt. I want to travel the world and see new things and meet new people. Which is more beneficial to a new grad for paying off debt the military nursing or civilian? Which is more rewarding working in a Boston hospital or the military. Some benefits of military nursing rather than civilian? Need some different perspectives on these things since I'm young. I've always wanted to serve my country and I think this would be a good option. Any advice would be helpful on pay incentives and how fast yo can rank up and time commitments as well as civilian nursing standpoint. Also I want to be a critical care nurse with eventually continuing on to CRNA school or NP school.

The military is not a way to pay off debt. Period. Joining now is HIGHLY competitive as the drawdown is in full effect. The military is a lifestyle, one that is a 24/7 committment. The needs of the service come above yours at all times. If you join for financial gain, prepare to be used and dissatisfied by the time you get out.


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