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Navarro LVN to RN 2017

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Hi all,

I am relocating to Texas and have been going crazy researching schools, listing pros and cons etc. I stumbled upon Navarro and wanted to hear from anyone who has had any experiences with this colllege. Like were you waitlisted, are there a large number of applicants, what type of grades are needed. (I have B's and a few A's)I have read other posts but it was for the generic track. I just really want to get in somewhere and start. I'm 27 but I feel like the clock is ticking amd I REALLY just want to apply somewhere reputable and get right in. PA makes it way too difficult.

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I hesitate to relay to you what really is just a lot of speculation, but the program is... kind of going through a really painful series of transitions right now.

From changing NCLEX pass rates to the loss of some of their resources, to changing staff (of note, the program director). The program's also apparently moving from Corsicana campus to Waxahacie after our group, and the differences in campus size are noticeable so I'm not sure what that's going to look like.

I'm not sure if they're actually going to keep accepting the same number of students they've accepted in the past or downsize. It's kind of a mess, and there seems to be a heck of a lot up in the air right now which likely affect you as a incoming student far more than it is affecting me.

There are a few very awesome clinical instructors and lecturers in the program, although the overall program's organizational/communication skills leave something to be desired. Apparently, from what the traditional students have said, there's a HUGE difference in how the freshmen and sophomore staff operate (lucky us?), with the freshmen staff being a bit more organized (or maybe the content is just less stressful on the students and skews their perspective and stress levels; who knows?).

The program's simlabs are despressingly under-resourced; I've attended BLS courses with far more equipment at their disposal than what Navarro seems to have. (Luckily, you've already had actual Real Life experiences that make the simlab experiences less relevant to you in the best/worst way.)

It is NOT very work friendly. Many LVN's, those with spouses (parents???) who could pick up the slack, even opted to not work at all or go strictly PRN during the program. Or only work weekends (me). ESPECIALLY while precepting!

The few very dedicated teachers help make up for the deficits in the program's general quality (not to mention it's one of the few programs in Texas that give you a whole year's credit for being an LVN!). If the program can get through this rough patch, I think (I hope) it'll flourish.

Crux of the matter for you: They favor ATI over HESI except they will make you take both the ATI AND HESI exits at the end (they're worried about that pass rate!). If you score high enough on the TEAS you'll be automatically accepted and they won't even look at your grades and whatnot (some of mine are... very mediocre; even the occasional C). The TEAS is a lot like the standardized tests many states make students take in high school; like the TAAS/TAKS/STAR here. If your math and reading comprehension are fine from the get go, you'll get in no problem. If they're not... as I said above, I fear they may be downsizing so I can't tell you how likely they are to accept you. They also seem to favor LVN's that have any sort of acute care experience over those who do not, albeit with exceptions.

If you're highly self motivated, good at teaching yourself a chunk of the content and adapting as such, and the ATI website rates you as having a high likelihood of passing the NCLEX after taking the entrance TEAS test, if you can manage to keep your head above water for a year, you should be fine. I had a high chance of passing the NCLEX going in, and I'm going to have a high chance of passing going out.

(And I think in general the LVN's are fairing better than the traditional students anyway.)

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