NAU/MCC CEP Fall 2012

U.S.A. Arizona


Hi, y'all! I'm excited to be starting the NAU MCC CEP this fall and am wondering if there is anyone else in the east valley who is taking NUR330 starting in July, who might also be interested in a carpool? The campus where the Tuesday class meets is way in the north west valley and it would be great to split gas with another east valley person.

I'd also just like to touch base and see if anyone in our cohort is on here. Say hi if you are!

I am taking NUR330 in june. I am also in MCC/NAU fall 2012.

Cool. I decided to take it in July so I could spend some quality time with my kids while they're on summer break, before jumping in. I guess I'll see you at MCC in August then. I got the email with the class syllabus, and I'm excited to get started. Just not looking forward to the commute from the east valley in the middle of the summer. Oh, well, at least it's only once a week!

Have you taken classes at MCC before? I did most of my prereqs at Phoenix College and Scottsdale. This will be my first semester at MCC,. It looks like a nice campus, and the nursing building is beautiful. The best part, I think, is that it's only about 20 minutes from my house. (Depending on traffic of course.)

Oh I see. I know the drive to north valley. lol. Once a week. This will be my first semester at MCC, i attended chandler gilbert community college.Sure see u August. I am 3 -5 mins away from MCC.

I am in June as well. See you in the fall :)

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