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NAU concurrent program---app deadline


Does anyone have any idea when the deadline application is for the Fall CEP program? I will be on the waitlist as of this month, so I cannot see when the information sessions even are. I am a military spouse so I am not currently in Arizona but I will be returning once I get accepted into the program. I'm trying to find out if I have time to apply for Fall or should I wait until Spring? I still have FON 241, BIO 202, HCR 240 and BIO 205 to take. I plan on having everything done by the end of summer. :uhoh3:



I went to an information session tonight and the next deadline is Feb 7,8,9 and the one after that is the last week of May. University of Phoenix will be joining the program as a 3rd option and the info will be up on the site in few weeks they said.

In terms of pricing,

NAU $350 or so

U of P $450

ASU $805

all per credit

Wow I'd have to say I am excited they are adding a program that is a little more reasonable than ASU!