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Nashville neighborhoods? (Relocating)

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Hi there! I am interviewing at a couple hospitals in Nashville and potentially relocating. I'm interviewing downtown. I'm a single girl in my 30s - I would love to live somewhere cute with fun things to do, but I'm not toomuch of a partier or nightlife girl. Any tips about where to look for apartments?

on that note - any EDs that would be good to apply at in case my interviews don't turn into a job? Any that I should stay away from?

thanks so much!

Hey there! I've lived in Nashville for 5 years, you'll love it here! Some of my favorite neighborhoods are the Gulch (very busy, high rises, more city feel,) Hillsboro Village, 12 South, and Germantown. Hillsboro Village and 12 South are adorable and have lots of little stores/restaurants/coffee shops with pretty streets, and Germantown has much of the same, but is on the opposite side of the city and has a more industrial feel. There's also East Nashville which is across the river from downtown, and has recently become a very trendy/more up-and-coming area. Any of these neighborhoods would be convenient to any of the major hospitals, and still have easy highway access if you end up at a place outside of downtown.

I don't know a whole lot about our EDs as I've never worked in adults, but Vanderbilt is the major Level I trauma center, although all of our major hospitals have EDs that I believe stay fairly busy.

Thank you so much for that info! I am visiting soon and will check out those neighborhoods. That helps a lot!!