Nash CC Fall '18 Nursing

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I am completing my classes to apply for fall 2018 acceptance at Nash CC. Does anyone or has anyone applied for it in the past. How soon did you know if you were accepted?

For the HESI exam; what kind of scores did you make, for the ones accepted.

Any tips for a first timer applying for nursing school at a CC and what they are looking for!

Thank you!

I don't have tons of information because I didn't apply to Nash's nursing program, but I did do my pre-reqs there last year. The folks in my classes that did apply found out pretty quickly after they took the HESI. I know that my lab partner scored a 90 and got offered her choice of LPN or RN program, but I don't know what the cutoff admission scores looked like.

I wish I could be more help! I loved my time at Nash.

hi. were you able to get in? I to am applying to Nash but the 2020 admissions. what classes did you have and what were your hesi scores?


Yes I got in for Fall 2018, for the night program. I took my Hesi 05/31 and found out 06/18 that I was accepted. My Hesi Avg score was 88, can't remember the individual scores. For the night program, I had to have all my pre-reqs completed, so all the classes we are taking are strictly nursing related. It has been an amazing experience so far!

Was the HESI test hard? What is your schedule like? If you don’t mind me asking but does financial aid cover each semester? Sorry so many questions.

Do you know if a lot applicants applied for the night program?

The hesi was basically reading, math, a&p, vocab, and biology. I recommend getting the Hesi A2 book, you can get it off of amazon, study from that. It's more so, you have to brush up on things than hard.

My schedule is class on Tue/Thur from 6p-9p, clinical every other weekend Sat/Sun from 6:30a-6:30p

Financial aid does cover it, i've been doing loans. It won't cover your summer semester, if you're doing aid spring and fall, so i suggest saving some extra aid for that.

I think there was about 50ish applicants for the night, and there is only 20 spots open.

Wow. That’s scary only 20 spots. I thank you so much for the info. I will have my pre reqs completed at the end of spring and then I will apply. Did they base your ranking on just the hesi scores?

I had stressed over that as well, but the higher the hesi score the better chance you'll get. You get extra points if you're already a student at NCC, if you're a NAII, and if you have a degree already.

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