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we have a doctor at work(A prison)who orders narcotics like it is candy.Inmates who have negative MRIS with history of meth use he just ordered morphine for.We have a inmate on interferon who says it bothers him and he orders dilaudid qid.I know I am not a doctor but every inmate on that yard wants to see the candy man.and from what i hear the medical boards no longer investagate something like this.


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Yes they do. To prescribe drugs of addiction there are certain rules the doctor must follow, which may vary depending on where you live, but in general the pt must be in enough pain (and the right sort of pain) to warrant this type of medication. When morphine is prescribed, for instance, then the doctor has to be sure (and be able to demonstrate) that say codeine would not provide adequate pain relief. However, when the patient is a known opiate addict, the doctor may well be justified in what may look to you like "over-prescribing". This pt has tolerance to opiates so codeine probably will not have much effect at all. The pain threshold of opiate addicts is also reduced, so prescribing morphine could well be justified.

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