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narcotic giving cities

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An observation I'm curious about:

I was in Las Vegas for a few months and could not believe how "giving" md's are with pain medicine. It was the most narcotic happy city I had been to. Granted I was only at one hospital but I assume they have some of the same MDs. They would rarely write for PO pain med, and if they did it was for the in between IV pain medicine. The pain med of choice was dilaudid 2-4 mg. A patient with a stumped toe (or similar) would have this order. I can see why their are so many drug addicted patients in Las Vegas. I'm in another NV city and they thankfully give the right med for the right pain level. I know pain is subjective and I'm not talking about unrelieved pain, cancer patients, and anything similar. I'm saying the order would start with 4 of dilaudid IV every 3 hours when a Lortab or two would work just fine. Has anyone else noticed this issue in other cities?


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Wow, LOL. I've never heard of such thing here in FL. I've worked in a couple of Hospitals in Jacksonville and here in Cape Coral. They are pretty stingy when it come to narcotics.

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