Narcotic discrepancy

U.S.A. Virginia


hey everyone. So I am freaking out over my first narcotic discrepancy. I'm not 100 percent sure what happened because I don't work until Friday but the only thing I can think of is that I forgot to scan the medication which is not like me at all. It was my 4th shift in a row which I do not like to do and have told them so I'm assuming it was just a rough night but it was from all the way from the first week of October so I'd have to review the chart. I haven't spoke to my manager yet but she just said fill out this form and return it to her. I'm so upset though and also fear I'll get another because a couple weeks ago I was helping a fellow nurse while she took break and gave a dose of methadone to her patient. I didn't know until I pulled the medication that she only needed half the dose and I marked I'd waste later. I totally get distracted and threw the medication in the sharps after giving half and forgot to waste until the next day I noticed I had an undocumented waste. Luckily the Pyxis told me or I would've forgotten but it was such a large gap since o was the next day. Will I get fired over this? I'm almost 7 months pregnant with 3 kids already and the only one working right now so I am on the verge of an anxiety attack. Any advice would be appreciated.

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