My true calling


I never dreamed of becoming a nurse in my life,but i change the path i chose in fulfilling my dreams and it became my destiny.I was taking up management accounting course in my university when I started to get curious.Why other students wear white dresses? My realization came one day when my grandfather got admittted in a hospital.Nurses took care of him the entire time with tender loving care, of course my grandpa love it.In addition to that,they were pretty too.Nurses have a heart of what they do. No matter how tired they are, a smile on their face is still there. They have the passion of taking care of other people.On that day I came up with my 4 D's in life as a nurse.The DESIRE, DEDICATION, DEVOTION and DILIGENCE is what i have learned.I immediatley took the nursing course even my father opposed it. Up until now im a nurse. The 4D'S are still my guide.

I was given an opportunity to worked abroad months after i finished my college days.I did not have other option but to grab it as my families financial status is unstable.Honestly,i failed the first attempt of taking my licensure exam but that did not stop me in fulfilling my dream of becoming a nurse.Everybody fails once in their life but I learn to stand up again and knows how to fight back the trials of life.With great blessings from ALLAH,I was given the privilege to work in the most sacred place the Holy City of Makkah in KSA despite of not acquiring my license in my own country.I was assigned in Coronary Care Unit/Adult Cardiology ward for 5 years.I have struggled so much for a year.Working overseas really is the toughest one. Besides of encountering different nationality with different culture fighting homesickness is far worst.Being in Makkah was indeed an amazing blessings in disguise from ALLAH.It helped me strenghten my faith in ISLAM.The word RESPECT is not just a seven letters spelled word but its meaning has a greater impact to each of us in the working field.Although we all came from different parts of the world, we shared the same sentiments of being selfless and the compassion of giving care to sick people. Loving what you do specially serving the sick people and those who are terminally ill people is really the best selfless act. I'm glad im a nurse.By the way, i did not give up hope of passing my licensure the second time around.I made it while working at the same time.Never give up in fulfilling your dreams. Being a nurse have changed me as a person. It had impacted my life in so many ways. I remember one person ask me "What have i learned in my 5 years being a nurse". I just simply answered her back that I was able to learn the value of Time.We encountered deaths in our working fields and witness it.How it impact you as a person depends on you?

Nursing is a complex, ever-changing profession. Time really flies so fast,modern technologies are discovered.A lot of changes can be seen around the globe. But one thing that doesn't change is the dedication to nursing excellence through ethics, standards, and best practices. As years goes by in the field of nursing,countless self-sacrifice remains the same for the dedicated nurses.Risking their own health in providing good quality patient care and most of all far away from their loved ones.Its not about the value of how much you earn for the job but its all about how you give your heart to your job that matters the most.