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Just wanted to tell everyone I am going to chart my progress no matter how small towards my goal of becoming a CRNA. The keyword to see all the posts will be progress. It is my hope, this will help someone else but also allow me a journal of sorts to watch as my knowledge changes.

Today I spoke with the RN in charge of our ICU about transferring there. The thing that might be of interest (to the novice at least.) was that the whole conversation revolved around critical thinking. Why things worked the way they do, why the pt on the vent is hypotensive and etc. This seems to be just what I need to learn to better prepare to be a SRNA and do well during a admission interview.

Next move will be to actually switch to ICU and the dreaded 12hr night shift.

I will keep you posted. Let me know what you think.

Michael RN


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I am an RN and I work in an ICU in Pa, I actually have an interview for CRNA school tomm. I just want to give you some advice and you could take it as you please, my biggest regret about my current job is that I told people that I work with that I want to go to CRNA school, that is a big mistake and I recommend that you do not make the same mistake, keep everything to yourself and to this nursing BB this will help you vent so to speak. The problem is with the nurses that have worked in my unit for 20 years plus they look down on further education and work against you, so if you want a good experience in the ICU don't say anything about becoming a CRNA only your closest friends GOOD LUCK NEC:eek:


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I think it all depends on the unit and the type of people that work there. I work as a student nurse in a large ICU and everyone there knows I hope to apply to anethesia school after graduation. There are a ton of nurses that have been there for twenty years or more (one has been there for 30), and not one of them has said anything negative at all regarding becoming a CRNA. Instead, they have all wished me luck and have gone out of their way to show me things they think I will need to know. Only once did a nurse try to talk me out of CRNA school....and that was because she tried to talk me into staying on my unit longer than a year!!!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know there is another side to the story. I hope your coworkers turn out to be as supportive as mine have been.



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Yes, it seems to be very unit dependent. However, you will come across some nurses who are envious and don't want to see you do better. Misery loves company!


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I look forward to hearing your progress. I am also just beginning in ICU, so I will probably have a similar timeline as you for applying to CRNA schools.

During my training so far in the ICU, I have learned to appreciate the importance of cardiopulmonary knowledge. It is almost all about airway, breathing, and circulation on the cardiothoracic ICU I am working on. A book that is really helping me understand these basic functions is "Hemodynamic Monitoring" by Darovic. It goes into the A&P of the cardiopulmonary system and then how we monitor those systems in the ICU.

What schools are you thinking about?


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I am glad to have someone in about the same place I am. Are you already an RN? Do you have your BSN? IF not have you started and how far along are you?

As for the ICU, I am very excited and looking forward to the move but it may still be 6 months from now. When I transfer I have to work nights and my wifes job, and our two babies wont allow that just yet.

Thanks for the heads up on the book of hemodynamics. I have been looking on the net and some places the newer version is over 100.00!!! I know education costs but......

As for schools, at this time I am hoping to be allowed study at Newman in Wichita KS. See all my other posts to learn more. Look forward to talking with you also


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I have been really quite for a while but still lurking. Many things have been happing in my nursing world. Call it fate if you will. They offered my wife the job of heading up our psychiatric department. I had been trying to get my wife off call and this is just the ticket. I transfer from being a Psych. RN to a Med Surge floor in just 15 days. OH, I forgot to mention this is part of my training as I have been guaranteed the coveted ICU position.

I will be on the med surge floor 4-6 months to revive/learn clinical patient care skills and then I am ICU bound. Written contract and all. On another note, I am surprising even myself as far as my BSN classes are concerned. I have received several final grades that were As. The GPA is looking up to about 3.25 over all and 3.55 BSN. I also got a study disk for the GRE but have been too busy and haven't reviewed it yet. Congrats to all that just got there letters...............

See my other threads under key word progress

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