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Hello Everyone. Whoever reads this I just want you to know that this is my first BLOG so bare with me please. Well I am a nursing student and I am working towards my Associate Degree. I just feel a bit sad because I was in a 4 year school before and I had to transfer, so I went to a 2 year school. Not being well advised during the process about 2 years ago, I realized NOW that my desire to do nursing was changing. Not changing because I didn't want to do nursing, but because I didn't feel happy in the school that I am currently in now. I recently got into the nursing program and I feel happy, but i know it is too late to transfer because I will never finish if I do transfer again for no real reason i will say. I am hoping i pass this course because one of the teachers at my school is mean and i think they are actually all rude. I feel like they don't want you to be nurses. They make it so hard and they have very bad attitude issues. Despite the fact that my school is a low income school, I realized how much i wanted to go to another 4 year school that I adore. I like the environment, the different cultures, & overall the atmosphere of the college life! But my school is not so much like that. I try to make friends, at least to have a better nursing journey. I am just afraid that I won't pass this course. BUT i tell myself everyday that I will do my best. Any advice anyone has? OKAY i should go back to studying. But really this is a battle i have constanstly with my deep feelings!! :(

First of all, I am very sorry for your feeling about this school and the environment you are in. I don't think you don't want to be a nurse, I just think you are not happy where you are now. The fact you got into the program shows that you are a good student, and while the teachers may not live up to your expectations, you are still hanging there. That's a good sign. I would not transfer now, you should finish your two year program there and transfer to a 4 year university to get a fresh start. Time will go by fast, just hang in there. Because nowadays, it's not easy to get accepted to a nursing program, and you got in, now you just need to have a little bit faith in yourself and finish the program. Remember, your life does not revolve around school forever, its temporary. Don't focus on the teachers, or how they treat you, just focus on finishing the program, things will be easier. Just tell yourself it's only 2 yrs, you can do this, after that, you can apply anywhere you want, and after that, you will be out of school, in a real world, working in hospital and helping people.

Good Luck!

Aww. THanks for your words of encouragement! I feel happy. :):thankya:

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