My New LPN Experience


I just graduated from an LPN program this past Summer and it was such a great feeling to finally be finished. I wanted to point out some things that I have learned and noticed. First off if I knew what I know now before I had started school, I would have gone through the ADN program, to begin with. Our LPN program basically mirrored the ADN from start to finish albeit with a few minor nuances. The LPNs workload was more because of the 1-year program length. Contrary to popular belief the LPN schooling is not easier than ADN at all and it has been said by the instructors and classmates it is harder as a matter of fact. One thing I feel torn about the LPN experience is that when hired on as an LPN you definitely do the work of an RN without the pay to match. I know on paper and facility policy there are other "differences" or things you aren't allowed to do, but working as a floor LPN compared to floor Rns our work IS THE SAME.? I am just so thankful for having accomplished something so many people only get a chance to dream of, just wish I knew a little more beforehand.