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I always try to brighten everyones day by telling them one of my super lame jokes or by saying something kind of off the wall. I find a smile or a bit of laughter goes a lot further than most would expect with patients. I work on a surgical unit and I had a patient that other day that I just gotta share with ya all. I had a bowel sx they had removed part of the bowel d/t finding cancerous cells and had biopsied the cells that were found. I ended up having him a total of three days and on the third day the pathology reports came back to say that they hadn't gotten all the cancer, options were discussed between the pt and the doc without me in the room. I found out a little while later and went in to check on him see how he was doing and so on. This man had a hx of cancer in his sinus, brain, lung, and now finally in his gut. He conveyed in me that he was done fighting that he had been fighting since 94 and was just plain done. We sat there for a while together just talking about EVERYTHING under the sun. Finally it came to point were he asked me what i thought about it all. I told him the first thing that came to my mind. "well im not gonna lie to you cancer sucks!" brillant i know lol then i decided to tell him something that a pt once shared with me when i was having a crap day i work. "every days a good day just try missing one" after that we both laughed and he agreed with my previous pt words of wisdom lol A short time later i caught him up out of bed for the first time in three days walking around in his room. i decided hell lets get out of this room and see some life, see whats going on in the hospital anyway. He agreed to accompany me throughout the halls and even over to the following wing and back. He wouldnt let me walk with my hand around his waist "just in case" he were to become unsteady instead he escorted me through the halls elbows locked like we where out for a night on the town lol. on the way back to his room in my usual odd sense of humor i asked him if the man on the moon had a brother and the moon was made out of cheese what would the man on moons brothers name be? (i have no idea why i asked this lol it seemed good at the time lol) his response sent me into a fit of giggles though he simply looked at me and said "cheese cracker" like it was just the most usual thing that everyone talks about. lol thought i'd share my fun from work with ya :lol2: :bugeyes:


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lol. Sounds like you had fun with your patient.

I once had a patient, when i was a CNA that was a immigrant. Only spoke Spanish. I was the translator, as i too speak spanish. the nurse he had was a WONDERFULL nurse, super nice and really smart. however; she is really loud and very bubbly. She has a different accent (not sure what it is) but oh my, she has so much energy and is all over the place bubbly. Anyway, i took him for a walk and we were talking (in spanish!) about this nurse. He was telling me that he likes her but she is too happy all the time. He says, i would only want a nurse like her if i were going home and going to be ok. If i were dying i would'nt want someone that happy and full of smiles all the time." Just as we were talking about this in Spanish, she turns the corner and starts laughing histrically at us.

LIke....this poor lady had NO CLUE we were talking about her.

had to be there i guess :)

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